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If you're streaming live from your phone or tablet, you probably have an excellent webcam already, but if the webcam built into your laptop or desktop monitor has a maximum video size of 640 by 480 pixels, you might want to upgrade for a better video streaming experience.
1080p webcams can give you excellent video quality at 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels, and your stream will look great on your chat partner's screen. 720p webcams have a maximum video size of 1280 pixels by 720 pixels - this also looks fine, but not optimal on larger screens.
Microsoft and Logitech are leading webcam manufacturers, but others are also worth considering. Some webcams feature very high-tech lenses with automatic light and focus correction, some have twin microphones for improved audio quality, some even allow you to manipulate the background scene, and superior electronics and software ensure that the very best webcams transmit smoothly.
Cam Chat Café does not ask your webcam for video of any particular size, but rather allows the camera to provide the best resolution it can. Aspect ratio on desktop/laptop is set to 16 by 9 (wide screen format) but some cameras deliver 4 by 3 aspect ratio anyway. Firefox seems currently to lack support 16 by 9 from webcams, so if that's your browser, you'll get 4 by 3.
On desktop or laptop, you can connect two webcams if you like, and you can switch between them using the Cam Studio menu. You can also run both at the same time, but for that you need to use two different browsers each logged into separate Cam Chat Café user accounts.
Microphone quality on most webcams is rather poor, and there can be some echo or feedback if you are using load-speakers, so we certainly prefer to use a headset with both earphones and microphone. Using a headset, you are hands-free of course so you can type, point, or whatever, and even better, with a wireless headset, you can move around the room
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