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Stream Your Webcam Live

Stream your webcam live to the CamChatCafé community, connect in video chat with people all around the world. Enjoy one-to-one video calls or make and receive calls from multiple people at the same time.
You can use the CamChatCafé webcam streaming service to promote your business or club, use it to make video presentations, to provide live customer-support, use it nurture family relationships, to make personal connections with like-minded people or just to promote your entertaining personality..
CamChatCafé uses HTML 5 WebRTC (Real Time Communication) technology to stream your webcam and microphone peer-to-peer between browsers. Thumbnail images captured from your video stream are displayed on the CamChatCafé Community pages where everyone can connect with everyone.
All you need is a PC or laptop or tablet or phone with a webcam and microphone, perhaps a headset too. Stream your webcam to the Community pages, use Settings to control who can see you and who can call you, and browse the Community for others you'd like to cam chat with.
Advertisment encrypted messaging and private video calling
Video calls happen in Cam Studio which features your own webcam stream and any incoming video streams, a text messaging interface and the Cam Studio menu from which you can control everything.
Click the Messages icon to open and close the text chat box.
Click the Friends icon to call Friends directly from Cam Studio.
Click the Menu icon to access controls for choosing which webcam to use, Auto Answer On/Off, Private mode, Screenshare, choosing a video to broadcast and Video Recorder open/close.
You can also stream .mp4 and .webm videos (use the Video Recorder to record and save .webm video files), or you can share your screen and stream that together with your microphone. Buttons in the Cam Studio menu make it easy to switch between your webcam and these alternative video sources.
Of course you can make videos with any video recorder, many of which will result in better video quality than the CamChatCafé Video Recorder can produce using your webcam. Many smart phones now have very high quality cameras, so if you're going to stream videos instead of your webcam, using your phone to record them is a good idea.
Some CamChatCafé users stream advertising or service announcement videos and optionally switch to webcam when they receive a call. This approach allows them to stream video of high quality content and be on hand to add the personal touch.
Use CamChatCafé to promote your restaurant, bar, club, venue by streaming its webcam live. The more fun, drama, beauty your webcam stream features, the more interest you'll generate. New people start to connect and your ratings will improve. In normal mode, you can personally interact with your audience, and sometimes it might be best to use Broadcast Only mode so you don't receive incoming streams. Either way, Auto Answer is a very useful feature.
It is also important to use a high quality webcam and microphone.

Webcams and microphones

Smartphones tend to have very good quality cameras and microphones, but their pocket size limits their suitability. Laptops all have built-in webcams, but most of them are not very good. The best video streaming webcam chat experience is on a desktop computer with a large screen, a high quality webcam, a good microphone and sound system, or headset/microphone combo.
Delivering high quality video and audio is crucial in enhancing you audience's perception of what you do on CamChatCafé and will improve your ratings. You should be looking at 1080p webcams now - certainly never less than 720p - and unsure also that your audio quality is loud and clear.
Logitech and Microsoft are the big names in the world of webcams, but there are others too. Some have very high quality lenses with light and focus correction, some use two microphones for enhanced audio quality, and the best have superior electronics and software to ensure smooth transmission of the media data streams.