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One-to-One Video Calls

One-to-one video calls in CamChatCafé bring two browsers together in a secure webRTC (Real Time Communication) connection in which video, audio and text flow freely in both directions. With Private Mode ON, no-one else can participate in or interrupt the call.
Your webcam and microphone start automatically when you enter CamStudio. From there you can place one-to-one video calls to Friends directly, or return to Community where people are available to receive calls from Everyone.
In Private mode, you can make a call but you cannot receive one, and your Community thumbnail is not refreshed. Private mode is also good for setting up screensharing or preparing broadcast videos, when you might want to work with your webcam without eveyone seeing it.
Since webRTC peer-to-peer connections are encrypted and flow from browser-to-browser - with no webserver in the middle - one-to-one CamChatCafé video calls provide the security that everyone wants. It is technically impossible to intercept webRTC calls since all data traffic is secured by TLS (formerly SSL).
Secure and private one-to-one video calls are therefore the perfect platform for many kinds of exchange. You can talk about anything at all, from the intimately personal to the most sensitive and valuable industrial or business matters. No-one is listening in, and no records are kept, so you will not suddenly find your social media full of ads for things you've just discussed! is the professional version of CamChatCafé, featuring full and versatile encrypted messaging with local storage of text exchanges on your computer, secure file-transfer and superior group calling functionality. And no advertising!
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