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Group Conference Calls

CamChatCafé takes a very flexible approach to group conference calling.
Starting with a one-to-one video call, you can add others to the call simply by calling them too. You then see two or more connections, while they see only you, unless they were already in a call when you called. If #2 then calls #3 - or vice-versa - a group conference call is established in which everyone is fully-connected with everyone else.
For added control, anyone can add and remove participants in their own side of a group conference call at any time, which means that the versions of a group present on the participating computers need not be the same. You can hang up on #2, for example, while staying connected to #3 and #4, and letting them stay connected to #2. You could then add another, leaving #3 and #4 to decide for themselves whether to add your new participant. As long as Private mode is off, anyone else can join a group conference call just by calling one of its participants.
Following these principles, CamChatCafé group conference calls are infinitely flexible, supporting the basic CamChatCafé concept of open connectivity which fosters the introduction of people to each other and the healthy exchange of views and information. is the professional version of CamChatCafé, featuring full and versatile encrypted messaging with local storage of text exchanges on your computer, secure file-transfer and superior group calling functionality. And no advertising!
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