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Welcome to CamChatCafé's family and work-friendly chat community. Here you can chat via webcam with your select group of friends, and browse the Community to find and meet new cam chat partners.
CamChatCafé welcomes professionals, academics, comedians, artists, bikers, politicians, journalist, activists, bloggers - yes everyone, really - to cam chat with each other, discover new things, new people, new friends.
With a PC or laptop, tablet or phone equipped with webcam and microphone, you can stream your webcam to the CamChatCafé Community pages, control who can call you in Settings, and browse the Community for ongoing shows, presentations and others you'd like to cam chat with.
Click left and right to Search or Browse through the Community, or type a name to find a specific broadcaster.
Start a call by clicking/tapping on a thumbnail. Your browser starts the connection procedure with the callee's browser, and within moments the browsers are connected in a video call which continues until you hang up or log out. Your webcam streams continuously, and you can turn off your microphone by clicking its icon in the Cam Studio menu.

Social power of webcam chat

Webcam chat can be highly effective in fostering relationships, both in the personal and professional arenas. CamChatCafé provides one-to-one video chat, group video chat, monologue broadcasting mode, screen-sharing and video-file broadcasting plus text messaging to facilitate any form of online chatting.
People are using cam chat to keep in touch with - and even chat frequently with - friends and family, people at work - project members are having team meetings using web cam chat - journalists and others are using secure video chat apps to communicate sensitve information - sellers are using cam chat to market products and services and many use webcam video streaming to promote their entertaining personalities.
Teaching videos, for example, or music videos - any videos at all - can be broadcast instead of your webcam. Videos play in a loop, and combined with Auto Answer ON, which accepts all calls automatically, your presence can be active but you don't always need to be there, or to answer. At any time, though, you can switch to webcam mode and have a regular online conversation.
Advertisment encrypted messaging and private video calling

Broadcast Only Mode

In Broadcast Only mode, you broadcast the stream from your webcam / screenshare / .webm or .mp4 video, and your Community thumbnail updates all the time. Everyone or Friends Only can receive your stream but you do not need a stream from them, so they do not send one. In this mode, network traffic is reduced and the broadcaster can connect with many more viewers. Combined with Auto Answer ON, which accepts calls automatically,Broadcast Only mode enables your performance or presentation to stream uninterrupted without any hands-on input from you.