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Broadcast Live Webcam Events

Use CamChatCafé's video-broadcasting service to stage live community events, stream live webcam or recorded video - 0ne-to-one or group conference calls, or for public broadcasts, your web url is:
Privacy principles:
Only thumbnail images pass over the webserver (refreshed every 2.5 seconds), live media does not. Live media travels directly between callers' devices and cannot be monitored by any 3rd party. Any media recorded with CamChatCafé can only be stored on your PC or device and can only be broadcast from there. Beyond your username and password and your optional public profile, the website keeps no record of any of your activity. Advertisers' 3rd party cookies know that you are here, but they cannot know your username nor what you do here.
Video Presentations For Broadcast
Using your microphone and webcams, or sharing a screen, make live presentations on whatever subject, also record .webm video files for later broadcast as away-messages, keeping your channel open and responsive. Switch beetween webcams, screen-shares and recorded video at any time. See VideoRecorder.
Educational Video Presentations
Live lectures, recorded teaching videos, "how to" videos for everything and anything - you can combine recorded video with live presentation ... Run a schedule of broadcast events and invite the Community to call in.
Commercial Video Presentations
Live product demos, live sales, seller-customer chat, recorded presentation videos, out-of-office messages - engage your audience through live streaming.
Artistic Video Presentations
Live fashion shows, webcam shows of living art projects, live music performaces - build a gallery and schedule of live streaming events.